Posted by: | January 4, 2009

A trip to Mu’tah

On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of January 2009, while everybody were still in the mood of New Year, the committee of Malaysia Students Representative Counsel (Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar Malaysia- MPPM) had a time-spend in Mu’tah, a town which is located about 2-hours from Amman. The visit was held on attempting the ‘ Misi Ukhwah Sejordan’ through ‘Jaulah MT’ which had been one of the most important agenda to develop a good and strong bond between MPPM and the students.

It was a biting cold there in Mu’tah. We were hardly imagined how much the temperature is going to be when the snow starts falling, when it starts raining, and crucially how could they endure the climate.

On the Friday chilled-morning (2nd of January 2009), we started the meeting of ‘Ahli Majlis Tertinggi’ and ‘Badan Pentadbir’ by discussing problems occurred and programs which had been planned for the year. As we infrequently seen each other, we used those precious time to built up conclusion regarding such and such, as well as we also did not miss the part of ‘muhasabah’.

We have been thinking about the plan in which we should arrange to occupy the time of meeting the students there. Since most of the AMT MPPM are medical students instead of Shariah and Arabic Course, we decided to fulfill every audience who came with things and ideas that benefits them as we ended up with the talk entitled ‘Winter Health and Oral Dental Hygiene’. The so-called forum was conducted by the famous emcee from Mu’tah, Saiful Helmi Abd Syukor, with a team of 3 panelists from MPPM, Dr. Dzulqarnain Ahmad Iskandar Shah, Dr. Khairul Anwar Ibrahim and Dr. Nur Faezza Mohd Mohtar. The point of discussion was towards some matter of health problems regarding winter season, the hazards of smoking and oral and dental care. The panelists were heavily-questioned by the audiences who seems enormously-interested to the topics both from the inside of the hall and also via phone-call and sms.. We were very pleased of helping other students on their health consultations. At the end of the event, we were delighted with a-heavy meal-soup, rice and ‘air asam’ specially cooked by the famous chef in Mutah. We enjoyed eating, knowing each other and chatting tremendously. The limited time though does not affect the way of building a strong brother-and-sisterhood relationship among MPPM committee and the students as much.

Saturday morning~ it was the time to leave. The class on the day after (Sunday) hurried us back to our place. We particularly wish to thank the President of Persatuan Mahasiswa Malaysia Mu’tah (PERMATA), committees and also all the students in Mu’tah for providing us with such a great help, facilities and cooperation. May the bond between us formed far stronger than anything we had ever known.

Salam Ukhwah,
Nur Faezza Mohd Mohtar,
Vice-President 2,
Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar Malaysia Jordan.


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